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Jewelry Platform


Product Description

Jewelry platform, which is an online jewelry e-commerce management system that includes many stores in different places and can be controlled through a single manager.

Features for the Sellers:

1. Dashboard: The Multi-Seller Marketplace offers a dashboard to the sellers to check the sales analytics with ease.
2. Seller Profile: The sellers can add their details like Shop name, social media profiles, policy links, etc from the frontend of the marketplace module.
3. Product Management: The sellers can add and manage the existing products from the product management tab of the seller dashboard. Sellers need to enter the product details like short descriptions, long descriptions, images, pricing, SEO details, Category, Shipping options, etc to add a new product.
4. Orders: The marketplace orders can be accessed from the Orders tab of the seller interface. The admin can update the order status or print the invoice from the orders section.
5. Product reviews: If customers have posted the reviews for the seller's products and the admin has approved the reviews then those reviews (Enabled/Disabled) can be easily viewed from the Product Reviews section.
6. Earnings: Total earnings can be viewed from the Earning section of the marketplace. The admin can also use the filters to check the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly sales.
7. Transactions: All the successful payout requests can be viewed from the Transactions section.
8. Category Request: In case the seller introduces a new line of products and would like to list the new products on the marketplace under a new category then sellers can request the new category access. Only after the store admin's approval, the seller can use that category to list the items.
9. Shipping: Sellers can add their own shipping methods for their products. The Shipping tab of the Marketplace module allows the sellers to set up the shipping charges as per their own carriers.
10. Product Returns: The sellers can manage the returns from the Product Returns tab.
11. Coupons: allow the sellers to create coupon codes for their products.
12. Multiple sellers can sell the same product.

Features for the Admin:

1. Effortless Transformation: The admin can easily convert their online store into a marketplace to increase the website traffic, sales and revenue.
2. Seller registration form: allows the store admin to enable a separate seller registration form so that sellers can register their accounts by entering all the required details. The admin can add custom fields to the seller registration form.
3. Commission management: allow the admin to charge a commission based on the sellers or the categories. The admin can set a global commission for the sellers or set a different commission for each seller.
4. Email Notifications: the sellers can easily manage the marketplace by working with pre-built email templates. The admin can edit the email templates.
5. Seller Management: allow the store admin to approve the seller registration request, alter the seller commissions, view seller orders, seller shipping methods, seller reviews, etc.
6. Payouts: The admin can view the earnings and commission details from the admin interface. Admin can also view the seller payout requests and approve or cancel them.
7. Orders: The store admin can view the orders received for the seller's products and his own products. Seller orders, as well as the admin orders.
8. Compatibility with payment methods: is compatible with all the major payment methods.
9. In addition to using Admin-defined values, now sellers can create their own Attributes, Attribute groups, and Options.


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