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Cloud Academy


Product Description

• Cloud Academy, online Learning Management system enabling educators to create their own private website filled with dynamic courses that extend learning, any time, anywhere.
General Features:
• Modern, easy-to-use interface and Personalised Dashboard.
• Collaborative tools and activities.
• All-in-one calendar.
• Convenient file management and Simple and intuitive text editor.
• Track progress.
• Notifications to receive automatic alerts on new assignments and deadlines, forum posts, and also send private messages to one another.

Course Development and Management Features:
• Collaborative tools, activities, and interactive exercises To ensure a student understands the content of the lectures, he will find interactive exercises containing questions revolving around the lesson with immediate correction of his answers.
• Embed external resources and Multimedia Integration.
• Live Lectures: Cloud Academy provides live online lectures where students communicate directly with the lecturer.
• Group management.
• Certificates The student will be awarded a certificate of completion after completing all the course requirements and Integrated Badges.
• Marking workflow and In-line marking.
• Peer and self assessment.
• Competency-based marking snd Outcomes and rubrics.
• Security and privacy.

Administrative Features:
• Customisable site design and layout.
• Secure authentication and mass enrolment.
• Bulk course creation and easy backup.
• Manage user roles and permissions.
• High interoperability.
• Regular security updates.
• Detailed reporting and logs.


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